Industry standard features and beyond, for a fraction of the price


Export Traffic Data

All The traffic that comes through your website can be exported or download to either as CSV or PDF file for further analysis.


Block IP Address

Sometime, you don't want to count yourself as a user of your website. Hence, you can easily list your IP found in the dashboard not be tracked.


Pause Uptime Monitoring

You don't want us to send you notifications once you start your website maintenance? switch the status of your site from active to maintenance.


Website Uptime Monitoring

Get to have a peace of mind, knowing that your website is being monitored for uptime every 1 minutes and you will be notified if it ever goes down.


SSL Status Monitoring

SSL certificate gives confidence to your clients that your website is credible. Let us send you reminders 15 days, 10 days and 5 days before your SSL expires.


Port Uptime Monitoring

Let us monitor your servers online status 1440 times a day, add your mail server port and we keep track of it. We ping your listed ports every one minute.


GDPR Compliant

We do not use cookies to track your site visitors. We do not collect personal data, hence, you do not need to display the cookie compliance banner.


100% Data Ownership

While big companies make millions with data collected from your sites. We will never sell your data. All traffic coming through to your site is 100% yours.


Add teams for free

You have a team? you can add them and and give them roles that will keep them to see the websites data which you give them rights to.

We keep an eye on your website every 1 minute, 24/7 and alert you instantly with email and SMS in-case of a downtime. You don't need to worry about the status of your website anymore as we have your back with 1440 monitors every single day.
We also keep an eye and count how many people visited your website with serious bot crawler restrictions

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