Frequently Asked Questions | Uptime Monitoring and Traffic Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Weblister?

Installing weblister is as simple as copying a line of Javascript into your HTML header for the site you wish to track.

The Javascript line is sent to your email once you sign up and you don't have to change anything in the line sent to your email.

Can I add Multiple Sites?

Sure. Each time you add a site, we send you a custom link to add to your new website HTML header so that that website is tracked independently.

All your websites will be tallied together to match the pricing point.

What Happens if my monthly views goes beyond the limit?

Weblister will notify you via email and the good thing is, you will get a grace period of two months to upgrade your account or cancel.

How is weblister different from others?

Weblister combines not just website traffic, but monitoring your website uptime and downtime so that your customers will never know that your website is down before you do.

Weblister will monitor your website every 5 minutes {288 Times a Day} and send you an email in the event that your website is down.

What Plans do you offer?

Please check the pricing page Here