Frequently Asked Questions

Uptime monitoring for your website is easy. Just register your website by Clicking Here

Yes you can, each added page will be counted as a seperate url when being monitored.

Once you have created your weblister account. You log into your dashboard, you click on Analytics, then code, and you will find the javascript snippet. Add that code to your header or footer of the pages you wish to be tracked.

There are two types of Data.
1. Uptime monitoring Data - This data will be kept for up to 60 Months.
2. Traffic Analytics Data - This data will also be kept for up to 60 months

Webslister monitor your website(s) for uptime every 1 minute for 24/7. Thats gives you about 1440 monitors daily. At the beginning of the week, we send you a performance report. offers you more than just uptime monitoring, we also offer you traffic analytics for the price of one. Weblister has a very easy to understand dashboard and simple settings.

1000,000 is compound ( combined ) visits of the websites you have added.

We have a 14 days free trial monitoring plan that makes you set up to 5 websites, you can see other plans at Pricing.

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