Do you want 24 x 7 Uptime Monitoring and Traffic Analytics for your website?

envelope-line Instant email notification on downtime.

mobile-sms-messages SMS notification on downtime.

tel Phone Call on persistent downtime.

slack Slack notification on downtime - (Coming Soon).

Get a peace of mind knowing that we have your back.

Our goal is to help you feel safe with the best uptime monitoring software.

We monitor your website for uptime every 1 minute and we keep your website uptime history.

Uptime Monitoring


Website Uptime Monitoring

Get to have a peace of mind, knowing that your website is being monitored for uptime and you will be notified if it ever goes down. checks the HTTP status of your website every minute

SSL Status Monitoring

Why is an SSL certificate important? It gives confidence to your clients that your website is credible.

Let us send you reminders 15 days, 10 days and 5 days before your SSL expires.

Port Uptime Monitoring

Let us monitor your serves online status, add your mail server port and we keep track of its liveliness 24/7. pings your listed ports every five minutes.

Pause Uptime Monitoring

This feature allows you to pause monitoring when you are conducting your website maintenance.

Traffic Analytics Dashboard



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No Cookies Used

We do not use cookies to track your site visitors. We do not collect personal data, hence, you do not need to display the cookie compliance banner.

100% Data Ownership will never sell your data. All traffic coming through to your site is 100% yours.

Multiple Members

You have a team? do add them up and they can log in to see the traffic flow.

Add Multiple Websites


Export your data as CSV

Download PDF of your data

Block tracking your IP

Weekly email on traffic data