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Not only do we SMS and Email you if your website goes down, we also ANALYZE TRAFFIC coming to your website.

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Absolutely love website weblister. The founder Mutale Mulenga provides fantastic support and the platform is really easy to use. Weblister is my number one uptime monitoring and traffic analysis tool. I highly recommend it adding it to your SEO toolbox.

Glenn Freeman
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Easily tracking my website uptime and performance

Chinyanta Mwenya
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Great none stop website uptime report service that we use without no headaches. We now know our site is up and running, Thank you for the great service and tool that offer amazing value to small businesses and websites all around the world to make sure they are working and notify the site webmaster if something went wrong. Great job Weblister team!

Tyler Andrew
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Weblister gives me a peace of mind as I don’t have to be monitoring our website. With weblister I get notifications for any downtime we experience and this helps in resolving issues and getting back to business. I totally recommend others to start using Weblister

Parity Chizela

We care about your privacy, and we give you analytics that does not sell collected data about users coming to your website.

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GDPR Compliant

We do not use cookies to track your site visitors. We do not collect personal data, hence, you do not need to display the cookie compliance banner.

Block IP Address

You don't want to count yourself as a visitor of your website. List your IP found in the dashboard settings.

100% Data Ownership

While big companies make millions with data collected from your sites. We will never sell your data. All traffic coming through to your site is 100% yours.

Uptime Monitoring

Get to have a peace of mind, knowing that your website is being monitored for uptime every 1 minutes and you will be notified if it ever goes down.

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Get notified instantly when a downtime is detected on your website. We will send you an Email and an SMS and a status page is created.

SSL Monitoring

We monitor the expiry date of your certificate and send you a reminder before the due date.

Pause Uptime Monitoring

You don't want us to send you notifications once you start your website maintenance? switch the status of your site from active to maintenance.