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Uptime Monitoring

Let us monitor your website 250 times 24/7

Even when you go to sleep, our system continues to be awake to check your website uptime. Because we care about you and we don't want you to lose your client, we will send you an email notification, an SMS notification and even call you if your website goes down for any reason

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Traffic Analytics

Do yo wish to have a simple to understand analytics? With a simple single line of Javascript Code, you get set for weblister analytics.

PDF and Excel of your user data

Understand devices mostly used by your users so that you can optimize your website.

Knowing the location of your users is vital for business planning, Weblister analytics sends you a weekly email to inform you on the location of the top 5 countries that get to browse your website frequently, and the page that had most leads.

See the actual map of your users in actuation.

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Our aim it to give you more that we promise. Thats why at full subscription, you get a tool that helps you { kill two birds with one stone }.
1. Uptime Monitoring
2. Website Traffic Analytics.

Weblister is constantly watching your website for activeness and traffic activity.

Timely Alerts

Once we detect issues with your website, we instantly alert you through email and SMS, if the problem persists, we call you.

Weekly Report

Every day, weblister updates the database about your websites performance. and We send that data to your email on a weekly basis.

Offline Data

Weblister.co gives you access to download your websites traffic analytics data into PDF or Excel Files which you can use for detailed in house planning

From $0 - $19 / month

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  • uptimeUptime monitoring
  • traffiTraffic Analytics
  • traffiSpeed Monitoring
  • 25Up to 25 Websites
  • 288288 Times 24/7 Monitoring
  • UnlimitedUnlimited Team Members
  • EmailEmail Alerts
  • SMSSMS Alerts
  • PhonePhone Call Alerts

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